Generate random password,age,string

I tried this random password addon in another pc.its working as expected.but same script when i run from my new laptop .system showing below error. Same time same script i run from old pc still its working. some one tell me why its behaving like this.
Newpc:windows 10 home

old pc: windows 10 pro

Hi @mani_mpart.

Can you please reproduce this issue and send the Full Reports and the Logs to our support mail ?

To send us the logs, please:

  1. Restart your Agent
  2. Reproduce the issue you encountered
  3. Send us the agent logs of today for analysis.

You can download the logs and upload them as shown below:

HI Ricardo,for this one still i didnt get any update .as you mentioned i alreday sent a log file for above issue.if you dont mine can you check one more time.

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