Future for TestProject.io?

Hi all,

We’re an enterprise user of testproject.io and are very concerned with the recent developments and outages of this platform.

We like the service and chose it as the foundation of our automation testing endeavours. I’m sure we’d have no problem supporting it commercially, as we see real value here.

Testproject.io should come forward with some statement about what is going on and if there’s any future for this platform.
I understand companies go through difficulties but please take in consideration those relying on you and that can actually be a part of any solution going forward.



Please see here:

It’s the worst and I feel your pain. We are currently planning our move to a different tool. And one thing’s for sure, we will not be using Tricentis again after the way they’ve handled TP in the last couple months. I suppose we knew the risks using a free tool from a company that also offered paid tools that do the same thing, though a large reason why we took that risk is that Tricentis promised we had nothing to worry about.

Anyway, if you end up at the same difficult conclusion, some tips for minimizing the work of recreating all the work that went to trash on TP:

  • download the test document for all of your test. These can function as outlines for rewriting your tests with all the same supporting test methods, parameters, and elements used in them.
  • I was trying to figure out a way to harvest all of the element locators I’ve created in TP so I can easily copy/paste them over to another tool, and the best way I could come up with was:
    – download all the files from git (set up a git integration if you don’t have one already)
    – wrote a python script to recursively go through the whole repository, scanning every file for an ‘elements’ section (where it keeps all element data used within that test), and extract all the info to a csv (took about a day to make the script, I can share if anyone’s interested)
    – use excel function to remove duplicates from the element list
    – I ended up with a file of about 1000 unique elements used by my tests, which will save me SO much time rewriting my tests.

Caveat to all of this is if I still have my job after this, since I was the one responsible from implementing TestProject and put about 2 years worth of work into it. Seriously, f u tricentis.

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