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Funny sideffects in running tests

We have a TP account the was created by person A. A invited me and other colleagues.
Now I’ve build some tests, running them on my machine. Then I added a custom addon,
use it in my tests, running on my agent. And now s.th. strange happens:

I have two systems. One with an agent running locally that is connected with the account of me in A’s
TP account. If I start a test everything is as usual.

The other system has an Agent running, that is connected with my very private account (other id) in
TP. When I’m logged in in A’s TP the agent complies, but I ignore it because I normally use this
system for developing and uploading addons.

But if I accidentally start a test of mine now, logged in in A’s TP, the tests runs - takes long to come up
but runs … and everythig happens on A’s machine! And in the report one can see, that A’s was taken .

This is weird, because as far as I see I’ve never configured s.th. to run the tests anywhere else but on my machine, lets say with my agent. And without an agent connected to an account the agent should not start?!?

Whats going on there?


If you an A are on the same team, even if your account does not have an agent installed and registered on your local machine, you can still execute tests on your teammates agents if they are set to public:

This will cause your test to be executed on your teammates machine if their agent is installed and running there.

Hi David,
thank you. We did not see this. Then it is clear.
When I think about it, then we could take a machine,
make its agents public and all our tests can run there.
Great feature.