Frequent unscheduled maintenance downtime

Hi TestProject team,

I have been exploring TestProject as a prospect automation tool for my upcoming testing assignment. It has been only 2 weeks since I am exploring it and I have already seen long downtimes on 24 Jun 2022 and 1 Jul 2022 without any prior notice.
I want to ask TestProject team if those were pre-planned maintenance or forced maintenance? I also want to know from users if this issue is rare of often?


The service is not going well.

There are more and more downtime and unplanned maintenance.


The key issues in this platform is the team not communicating when we have maintenance and also possible loss of data after maintenance with the team not commenting on any of the issues raised by the users.


this is one of the issues why TP is no longer that reliable as before. if you have critical release and need to run regression and then it’s down unexpectedly.