'Focus' action?


I am quite new to TestProject and currently evaluating it;

Hopefully not a stupid question:

I cannot find a simple ‘Focus’ action;

Sometimes it makes sense to set the focus to a certain element not by clicking on it, so a ‘focus’ action would be very useful here.

I am a little surprised that this does not seem to exist as a builtin action as I think that this is quite basic;
any idea how I can realise this without writing an Addon for this?

Thanks for helping,

Best Regards,


Hi @DeepReader_Joerg,

You can use the move mouse to element action, this action will emulate focus action by moving mouse to that element.
Please let me know if that solved your issue.

Kind regards,

Hi Tal,

sorry for the late reply…

Thanks for the hint, I will try that.

Best Regards,

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