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Feature Request - set parameter on failure of a test step

It would be very useful to be able to set a specific variable (either test or project parameter) with a specific value (f.eks. true/false or any text value) when a test fails.
This would enable branching to be much more useful.

For example a step that checks to see if an element is visible could then directly set a parameter that can be easily branched on later (with step conditions) that indicates the field was invisible. Right now this is not that easy to set up (AFAIK).

Another way to solve this could be to create a generic “dummy test” that
(once running a recovery test with specific input/output parameters becomes possible)

  1. accepts an input parameter
  2. sets the input parameters value to the output parameter (currently requires a plugin)
  3. returns the output parameter
    But this would likely be slower, and much less elegant…
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This can be done quite easily you can do it by following this logic:

  1. Count an elements using any locator strategy:

  1. Add you flows:


  1. Add conditions:



Another possible way to achieve this is to data driven certain flows like in this example:

Note that in this example the flow will not be executed dynamically. but chosen in advanced.