Feature request: LambdaTest integration with TestProject

Hi Team,

Could you please look into the feature request to provide an integration of lambdatest with TestProject out of the box?

Or if you can guide me with an example to do it. As I need it to showcase this feature to my stakeholders, because it is deciding factor for go, no go with TestProject.


Hi @Ankesh,
Currently an integration with lambada test is not available, here is a resource list which is supported:

Is TestProject going to look into integrating with LambdaTest in the future? Is this on the roadmap at all?

@Amit.Lacher, @Tal.Efraim: We are looking at this solution as well pls help us with any insights on the integration of lambda test with TestProject. Thanks!

Hi @here,
Thank you for sharing your request. We will forward this feedback to our R&D team to consider adding a LambdaTest integration to our 2022 roadmap.

Thank you for the update, Sure we will look foward for new features. thanks!

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Hi @Amit.Lacher

Has LamdaTest integration with TestProject gained any traction since you fed it to you R&D team? Any solid roadmap plans or is this still in discussion?


Hi @ross,
Lambda integration is not on the roadmap at the moment.
You will be notified here, if it’s added in the future.