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Feature Request - allow OR for step conditions/output validations

Currently when you add Contions for step execution and when you add Validation for a steps Output Parameter(s), all statements are evaluated using AND.
It would be very useful if statements could also be addes that evaluate with OR.

For example:
I want to only run a particular step if:
parameter 1 != x
parameter 2 = y

Currently you can only set up the condition:
parameter 1 != x
parameter 2 = y

Hello @nathan.hill

You can use regex to accomplish that.
For example (x|y) returns true if the value equals x or y.


If x & y related to the same parameter, that would probably suffice.
However - that is not the use case I posed here…

Can one use regex to support the example I gave (where one parameter is related to “x”, and a different parameter is related to “y”)?

Hi @nathan.hill,

Yes, this could be easier with a feature and we will consider that.
You can do that with 2 parameters using the Concatenate two strings action.

Now you have x&y and you can use regex on that.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try…

However, this seems rather more like a hack (and is fairly unintuitive).
Also, concatenate two strings runs via a plug-in, which means having to use it slows down execution.

BTW, why do plug-ins cause such noticable a delay in execution?

  • this is something TestProject is working on as well I’ve been told…
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