Failed verifying iOS settings and installing driver on

Hey folks,
since a couple of weeks we fighting with the issue that we are no longer able to use physical iOS devices in TestProject.
If we try to connect to the device with the record function or using the view device functionality we are getting the following error.
Failed verifying iOS settings and installing driver on 00008020-001A2D690E82002E. Please make sure your device has access to the internet and that you have configured your iOS settings as specified in the TestProject documentation: iOS Devices - TestProject Documentation

Things that we have checked.
Trying older testproject agents, trying different iOS device with different iOS version’s
tried different machine’s which are running the TestProject agent (appleMacBook, Windows Agents:
We have freshly configured the iOS part in TestProject.

Forum researches doesnt helped but i found a second user with the issue

Can someone help?

@dominik-b.reuter , sorry I totally forgot to follow up on this, the route cause of issue on my driver issue for iOs was the certificate expired

Chased my iOS dev to get new one and all was up and running again

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Thank you for sharing, @tsalisbury! :slight_smile:

@dominik-b.reuter - Indeed as Tom mentioned, you need to update your certificate (recreate an iOS profile), since a signed provisioning profile has a 1-year expiration date.

Please keep us updated if that helped you.


sorry for the delayed answer.
Updating the Certificate is the solution :slight_smile:
I thought we did this but we missed one step during the update


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