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Failed to launch application on ios

Hi Team,
I am trying to automation ios application using ipad air. All the steps shared to generate mobile provision file is performed successfully. UDID is available in IOS settings list also. While recording, it is unable to open the device and launch application. Below is the error message :

Failed installing application on UDID: MismatchedApplicationIdentifierEntitlement: Upgrade’s application-identifier entitlement string (Apple team ID.) does not match installed application’s application-identifier string (3265K75JSY.); rejecting upgrade

Hello @seemak

Please double check that every field in the iOS settings in your account settings is correct.
The error suggests that the problem is related to your Apple team ID, so check that as well.

If you are struggling with this, you can check out this step by step tutorial on setting up your IOS device: https://blog.testproject.io/2019/01/29/setup-ios-test-automation-windows-without-mac/

In addition I would recommend uninstalling the app that you are trying to test on and also remove it from the TestProject platform, install and add it again to the platform and see if that helps.

Please let us know if that helped you, or if you need any further assistance.

Thanks a lot. It worked with new application installed. But failed for default or existing installed applications.