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Failed to create driver session


I have created a Test for Android. In that test, I have uploaded the APK in the Application section of the Test. When I run that test on a physical device (my android mobile) it is working as expected.
I have integrated the Browserstack in the Test project and when I try to run that test on a virtual mobile(Provided by BrowserStack) it is throwing an error that - Failed to create driver session. Check device is configured for automation and try again.

Can someone help me solve this error.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, which device did you try to run it on?

Hello @ran.tzur
I tried on Samsung Galaxy s20 (It is a virtual mobile from Browserstack).

Just to clarify BrowserStack offers real devices and not emulators.
Other than that, can you try running with your local agent instead of the virtual agent?

You can still run on BrowserStack, just keep your default local agent for the execution and don’t switch to a virtual agent.

Also please try running on Samsing S10 instead, if you have a free account, it could mean Samsung 20 is not supported for the free account.

Hey @ran.tzur
Thanks for your time…
I have tried the way you have suggested by using the Local agent and running the Test on the Samsung s10 device but the issue is still the same.
I have also tried running the test on my Physical Mobile device and it is working perfectly fine.

Thanks, please send your agent logs at support@testproject.io
You can download the logs from the Agents page, 3 dots on the right of the agent.

Hello @ran.tzur
Sorry for the delayed response.
I have sent the Agent logs to that mail. :innocent:

Heyy @ran.tzur
Can you let me know the workaround/solution for this issue once you find it from those Logs!!
If there is anything needed Happy to help.
Thank you.

Hello @srianoop.d
Can you send the logs from BrowserStack execution as well to support@testproject.io?
You can find those logs in your browserstack account, search for that execution.

Yep yeah @ran.tzur
I have sent the Logs to the mail.