Failed all attempts to start XCUITest on iOS Beta Developer 15.1


I’ve been trying for days trying to automate iPhone XS that is using iOS Beta Developer Software 15.1 but everytime I try to connect it show this error “Failed all attempts to start XCUITest on…”

It works OK if I’m using normal iOS Software, currently iOS 15.0.2. However, I need to use the iOS beta developer software for automation.

TestProject Agent 3.3.0
iPhone XS: works OK on normal iOS 15.0.2, but failed to run on iOS Beta Developer 15.1

Any advice on this?

Today i have installed iOS 15.1 on my iPhone XS and now i am unable to start te Agent on the device

Hi @dominik-b.reuter @mhafiz.job ,
Currently, we support iOS 12 - 15, please use versions between those in the meantime.
Or alternatively, you can wait for an update to support newer iOS versions.
The ticket for supporting iOS 15.1 is TP-16729.

Yeah, when is 15.1 going to be supported. I cannot do my testing without iOS 15.1.

Is there a timeline for when this will be done?

Hi @john.roquemore @dominik-b.reuter @mhafiz.job,
We have released an update and 14.8.1 and 15.1 should work.
Please try again and let me know if you encounter any issues.
Happy testing! :smiley:

Hey Amit,

thx for informing me :wink:
I have tested the new Version this morning and it seems that the issue has been fixed.
Many thanks :+1:

No problem,