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Fail upload jar to testproject

I have recorded the test. Then generate it as java. After that, I upload the jar to testProject. It shows error as below:

How can I fix this? Thanks

Hello @dodochengtakeapool, when you generate the code you need to generate it as SDK V1


Thanks for replying. I just tried to generate the code as SDK V1. However, I encounter a problem.

I already import the sdk from pom.xml. But it does not work.
May I know how to resolve the import? (e.g. io.testproject.java.annotations.v2.Parameter)

This is what is showing in my maven import:

SKD V1 is not in maven central. You can follow https://intercom.help/testprojectio/en/articles/4570786-how-to-create-jar-file-from-java-project-with-testproject-sdk-and-upload-it-as-a-coded-test on how to add it to tour project.

Finally!!! Really thanks a lot.