Facing the issue of Authorization From TestProject API

Hi Guys,
I am endeavouring to get the report through TestProject API. But there is a problem of authorization (401) that throw by Postman. I did following steps:
1/ Generate an API key in my project through the material Getting Started With Using the TestProject API - TestProject Documentation

2/ Authorized at TestProject API v2

3/ Config the api to get latest report of job execution in the Postman
Added Authorization as the header then put API key at step 1

Can someone please guide me? thanks

Hi @phongtranone
This is how you send that request in PostMan:

Note that you need to set the right Project ID, Job ID, and API key.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
Thank for your answer. But
Could you please guide me how to get ProjectId and JobId?

@phongtranone Please look at this example:

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
That’s great. I could dealt with it.
Thank your hard support.

You are very welcome :slight_smile:
We are always glad to help.