Facing problem with Push file to device extension

I’m trying to use the Push file to device extension on my Appium project for transferring image from a local Windows PC to the Android phone, it’s transferring the image file, but it’s not supported on the Android phone.
putted parameter value like below

Remote Path: /storage/emulated/0/Download
Local Path: C:\Users\abc\Desktop\image.png
Local Path: C:\\Users\\abc\\Desktop\\image.png

After transferring the image file size showing byte (B), as a result image not supporting on android phone, showing error

Extension: Test Automation Addons Library | TestProject
Android OS: 11
File type: .png/.jpg

Any kind of help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @Imran,
I was able to reproduce the issue on my side too.
I opened a bug ticket for the issue.
Ticket number TP-17296.
You will be notified once it’s resolved.

Thanks for your reply and taking step for solution.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

@ran.ferdinaro any update?

Same here, the file is getting corrupted.

Any update about this issue?

@ran.ferdinaro Has this issue been resolved yet? Or is there a way te get the status for the ticket?

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@ran.ferdinaro any update?

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