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Facing few constraints while using data provider

I will explain my scenario with the help of shopping application. I will take 3 scenarios

  1. Adding item to cart
  2. Adding items to wish list
  3. Buying the product
    I have created three scenarios in 3 different test. I will provide the data from the .csv file
    This is how my csv file looks.

I will add 3 test into one job and execute it.
Actual - When i try to execute it mobile will added to cart, dress will added to cart later earphones will added to cart and Laptop will added to Wishlist goes on…
Expected - Mobile should add to cart, Laptop should add to wishlist , Charger should be buy in one go, Later it should pick up for next line items.

How can we achieve this using Test project? Please give us solution to this constraints.
Thanks in Advance

Hey Nikita,
Looks like you are using nested tests in your main test, if you are providing the CSV template as a data source it should work as expected , however if you chose your data source for each test in your job you will get each test to run the amount of rows (without the parameter row) you have in your file, the iterations of the test depends on the rows in the data source not including the parameter row (1)
in case you still facing the issue please feel free to contact us in our support chat.