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Export whole project as code?

So I was playing around with exporting the individual test cases.

Is there a way to export the whole project? Including data sets, page objects, ect.

Also I see the test runner is missing and hardcodes browsers in the test.

It would be great if this exported everything in a modular, pageobject fashion.

Where you could sync the whole project between code and test cases.

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Hello @elsidaliaj
At the moment, exporting is done per test.
While exporting the code, you can select the browser to use for the exported test:
You can also always change it in the code after generating.

About the runner, if you are generating the code for V2 for Java, there is no runner class since now the code is pure Selenium syntax.
The runner is the entire test method which is generated.

Yeah understood but that’s bad design. Can you guys make a note of these requests as improvements.

When exporting a test, to export the pageObjects in a different class, browser settings in a different class maybe with a props file. Ect

Just use best practices. But the biggest one if any would be separating the elements into a pageobject central class.

Would save time manually doing it.

Sure those are indeed great ideas and we will take them into consideration.

Best Regards.

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Any updates on this Ran?

Hello @elsidaliaj
This has not been implemented yet, this is indeed a requested feature that we are considering.

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Yes understood any timeframe?