Export test results into csv file

Hi there,

I am running all my test cases locally and can view the test results by logging into the testproject.io account. However, for non-QA people they do not have an account and cannot view the run report.

Does testproject.io provide a generic way to expose the run report without requiring login?

If not, how do I export my test results into a (hopefully) simple csv file, so I can consume it with my company’s generic dashboard tools?



Also looking for this answer but couldn’t put the question together as nice as you did!

I am also interested in this topic.
For now I use the API to just get the report, in PDF format, of the latest execution of a certain test. Some kind of integration with some other dashboard could be very interesting.

Just to close the thread, I ended up using TestProject.io’s REST API and wrote a simple python script that let me retrieve all my historical runs by job or test case. This gave me the summary data only, but is enough for what I need at dashboard level.

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