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Experiencing intermittent timeouts when executing a recorded test cases

As the title says, I experience intermittent timeout errors when executing recorded tests. There are no problems in identifying the element/s when I use the magnifying tool to check their visibility. I don’t do any fixes or updates on the recorded test; I just re-execute them when I encounter the said timeout.

What I observed was I don’t experience the timeout when I run automation scripts made via coded tests. Is there an explanation to the observed behavior? Is it better to use coded tests than via recording when creating scripts to be used in automated regression in the long run?

Hello rei,
You shouldn’t notice much of a difference between them, I would like you to try a few things and let me know if that helped you,
On test settings:

  1. Change execution speed to slow.
  2. Change adaptive wait to maximum (turtle slow)
  3. Make sure automation assistance in enabled (on)

Also for the actions that consistently timeout for you try to change the locator strategy order,
you can do so from the element edit screen:
Try the following:

  1. making the 2nd or 3rd the primary locator (first)
  2. try only leaving one locator (like recorded tests)
  3. try construct your own locator, and see if it’s faster and or more consistent for you test case.