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Execution Speed Query

Hi Guys

New here so please go easy on me!

I have a Proof of concept going and it seems to be relatively stable. Its not a massive issue yet, but i can see certain functions seem to take a while, for example generating a random firstname (by a while, i have 3.184 seconds to generate the name and pass the value out).

Is there anything at OS level i can do to speed this up? My laptop isnt bad by any means (I7 16gb SSD), im just wondering if this is just “as good as it gets” or if there is anything i can try to improve this before my suite gets massive…

If this is as good as it gets, no issue, ill just investigate multiple agents etc but for obv reasons id like to try to optimise as much as possible before throwing more VMs etc at the issue.

Thank you for all the help, its always appreciated.

Hello @gavin.hewitt
The addons can take a few seconds more since they run on a sandbox environment, and it takes a few seconds to spin up.
We will continue improving the speeds of the tests, thank you for reporting this :slight_smile:

No issue at all. Thank you for getting back to me atleast i know its not just me :slight_smile: