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Execution results not updated anymore

Hi testproject,

We have a (web) test job that is executed daily

When we look at our remote agent, we can indeed see that the job is executed on a daily basis, like yesterday and today :

However, the testresults are not updated or shown anymore since August 21

Is this due to an issue?
Or do we miss something?

Thanks in advance! Kristof

Since I could only post one screenshot in previous message, here is the screenshot of the executed tests. As you can see it does not show the new results anymore since August 21

Hello @kristof
Please check if your account storage has reached it’s limit:

If it did, please send an email to support@testproject.io and we will increase it by 5GB.

Hi Ran,

Thanks for your quick answer.
I just checked it, we are at 1.88 Gb

Will that be the cause? If so, i will send an email to [support@testproject.io]

Is there a way we can auto clean-up old data?
Best regards, Kristof

That is not the case here since you have more then enough for reports.
Can you please execute one of the tests on the remote agent now and see if you get the reports generated.
Please make sure you see the test executing in the monitor page.

Hi Ran,
I was indeed wrong, it is 1.88 that is still available so more than enough space indeed.
I just started the job manually.

It is executed succesfully (visible in the execution list of the agent), but no results or report visible in the monitoring page.
Best regards, Kristof

Do you not see the report of that execution in the report page?

Exactly, the last reports I see are dated from 21 august :

Can you please send the logs from that agent to support@testproject.io

I Ran,

The only log I find regarding to TestProjectAgent is in our syslog, with following messages :

Is there another logfile I should find somewehere? Or can you move on with this info?

Best regards, Kristof

I can see the agent is running on Linux.
You will find the logs at ~/.testproject/agent/logs

Thanks Ran. I checked it out, but for some reason we don’t have a log directory :

We run TestProject as a service, maybe that has something to do with it?

A related question : I updated the agent today, but in the webportal it still indicates the old version is running. Is there a place (on the system where the agent is running) where I can if the update was indeed executed succesfully, and where I can see which version is installed?

This is the configuration of the service :

the data folder is a hidden folder, notice the dot in the path.
2nd, did you execute the script after downloading the latest version?
Once you update the agent you will need to run it again to see the updated version.

Ah ok, I missed the dot in the path, now I found the logs :slight_smile:

I see that it is now indeed v0.64 that is running, but the error seems to be :
No identity file was found - Agent is not registered

Can you explain what to do next? thanks in advance

It seems like the agent was unregistered.
Do you see the id.dat in the same folder? (the one before the logs)

I was able to fix it by re-registring. Is that necessary after each update? Otherwise something probably went wrong in the past somewhere with the id files … Anyway, it now works again, thanks!

It should not unregister, unless it was a very old agent version.
What was the previous version?