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Execution Failed

I’m trying to run an iOS test in a virtual machine from Browserstack. After selecting a virtual machine and when I try running it, I was getting an error stating that

Execution Failed
When executing in the cloud, it’s required to have the attached “Safari” IPA file of the test [iOS_Safari] uploaded to TestProject.Screenshot 2021-02-17 143854

Can anyone help me with this error… I was confused about where to upload the IPA file in the TestProject.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @srianoop.d

In order to run a test on BrowserStack, you have to attach the IPA file to the Application of the test.
You can do that by navigating to the Application tab on the left menu:


Then, find the Application → hover over the Application name and select edit:

Now, you can drag your IPA.

Hello @dor.benzvi
Thanks for your response.

I did add the IPA while creation of the test itself.

The Safari IPA is already present in the Applications.

Is there anything I’m missing!

If you are trying to run a web test on a mobile device + Safari on Browserstack or Saucelabs you should do the following:

Record this test on Chrome (like a standard web test) then on targets you can select executing it on Mobile.

It will launch Safari on iOS / Chrome on Android automatically, no need to specify Safari.
If your web application changes the UI layout while presented on mobile browsers (mobile-like app) you can follow this article:

that explains how to record mobile-like WEB applications in a web recorder, then executing on an iOS browser. in such a case, you don’t need to upload IPA/APK.

Heyy Again @dor.benzvi

I think the issue is not only with Browsers(safari/chrome)…I have a task to automate a Hybrid APP… So I have added the IPA to the test and then I’m trying to run the test through a virtual machine from Browserstack. But the issue is the same :confused:

Thank you.

Hello @srianoop.d

Please make sure you have uploaded the IPA file to this Application:


Make sure you select the Upload IPA option and drag the IPA file.

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