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Execute tests parallel

Is it possible to execute tests in parallel with the support of native testing framework on TestProject agent? For example in TestNG I used parallel mode like this in the suite file:

<suite name="Test Suite" verbose="5" parallel="tests" thread-count="2">
	<test name="Chrome Test">
		<parameter name="browserName" value="chrome"></parameter>
			<class name="SampleTest"/>
	<test name="Firefox Test">
		<parameter name="browserName" value="firefox"></parameter>
			<class name="SampleTest"/>

Upon execution, the Chrome test passed, but Firefox test can’t be executed due to this error:

io.testproject.sdk.internal.exceptions.ObsoleteVersionException: Agent failed to interrupt existing development session to start a new one, try again.

So can we execute tests in parallel on the same sent but with different browsers? Or do I have to create another virtual agent?


Hello @npvinh140589 and thanks for reaching out.

Your local agent can only execute one test at a time during development.
I can recommend splitting your test into multiple ones executed sequentially instead of parallel.

Thanks for your answer. I know about splitting, but sequential executions in the case of different browsers take time :slight_smile:

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