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ETA on a Javascript SDK?


I’d really like to push for the company I work for to adopt test project, however we have mostly JavaScript focused test engineers. Just wondering if there is an expected timeline for a JavaScript SDK for TestProject being introduced?



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Hi @danieldjrose.

Thanks for reaching out!
The JavaScript SDK is scheduled to be released on May 2020. We are working on a full JavaScript SDK and also, an in-browser editor that would allow you to create your tests easily!

I would love to hear your thoughts about it and what are your company’s requirements for this feature.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks Amit!

We currently have a javascript based selenium test pack, it is executed on browserstack for cross browser testing and integrates with our jenkins pipeline. I have been looking out for more flexible alternatives (flexible in that we would like our manual testers to be able to execute a test suite with ease, and potentially record their own scripts, we would still need our experienced test engineers to code their own scripts… preferably in javascript hence the original query).

I’m hopeful that test project may fulfil this role for us in the future, so I will eagerly look forward to the release of your JS sdk :slight_smile:



Hi @danieldjrose,

By the end of this month, we are going to release the official TestProject integration with BrowserStack. It will allow you to run your test that you created on TestProject on BrowserStack. We already released such integration with SauceLabs yesterday.

TestProject is exactly the platform for manual testers and automation engineers to work together, since we allow to either manually recording a test, or create it with code using our SDKs.

We also have an official Jenkins plugin that allows you to trigger your jobs on TestProject as part of your Jenkins build. You can read more about it here: https://blog.testproject.io/2019/02/28/integrating-testproject-with-jenkins-ci/

I guess the only missing part to really answer all of your requirements, is the JavaScript SDK which is in our Road map for 2020.

By the way, you’re welcome to go ahead and sign up to a joint webinar we are having to demonstrate the exciting integration with SauceLabs: https://info.saucelabs.com/test-creation-management-and-execution-webinar-T.html

I’m really looking forward to see you working with TestProject soon!

Kind regards,

Thats great! Thanks for the reply. I can’t make the webinar though due to timing. Is there a location where a recording will be available after the event?

Thanks again!

Even if you can’t make it, registering will give you access to a video of the webinar to watch at your leisure following on from the live event.



Is the timeline still applicable?
We’re also looking in using TestProject for our tests so looking forward for the Javascript SDK.

Will you also provide Typescript typings for the SDK?


Hi @cosmin.gramada,

The Javascript SDK is scheduled for June 2020.
As for the Typescript typings, I will suggest that as well.

Kind regards,

If you are looking for some beta testers for the SDK I think you have a couple of volunteers :wink:

@danieldjrose @amit.yahav

Hi @amit.yahav,

Hope you are doing well during the current times.
Just wanted to touch base and check with you if the Javascript SDK still on track for June 2020?

Thank you and stay safe,

Hello @cosmin.gramada,
The JavaScript SDK is currently scheduled for Q3 of this year.

Is the JavaScript SDK still scheduled for Q3 2020?

Hello @maria.schmelzer-ziri.

The JavaScript SDK is currently being developed, and the current ETA is for early December.

Hello @david.goichman,

Do you have any updates on the Javascript SDK?


Hello @cosmin.gramada,

The JavaScript SDK is currently scheduled for February 2021.

Just 3 days left for Feb 2021. Please suggest if you see a revision in date again?
Excited to use the JS SDK

Hi, @david.goichman

Any updates for JavaScript SDK ?