Escape spaces, quotes

escape spaces, quotes
Hello to the whole testproject community
Help solve the problem. You need to escape spaces and quotes. The step sets the text to the parameter that is used in the expash. Text in French. English text works well in the parameter, but French requires escape.
Maybe there is an addon? I have not found.
parameter text: Les fondations “Magnetto International” (UK) et “Ukrainian Educational Foundation Charitable Foundation” (Ukraine)
testproject writes a step: Les fondations slash"Magnetto Internationalslash" (UK) et slash"Ukrainian Educational Foundation Charitable Foundationslash" (Ukraine)

Hi @zeleznov.sergey,
TestProjectuses Xpath 1.0 as most browsers don’t yet support Xpath 2.0.
There is no way to escape characters at the XPath level, so you can’t have a literal XPath string containing both kinds of quote (using Xpath 1.0).
You can read more about it here.
TestProject provides the ability to use several types of locators.
You can try and use them to reach your goal.

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