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[Error] "You must specify a remote address to connect to"

Getting the following error message when attempting to run web UI test uploaded from C# code:
You must specify a remote address to connect to
Parameter name: addressOfRemoteServer

However, addressOfRemoteServer is not a parameter I am using, so I am not sure where it’s coming from.

I can confirm the agent starts the browser, but the URL is not populated and the test fails.

This test executes successfully when running through Visual Studio IDE.
The code was generated from recorded test as C# code, modified in VS, and then uploaded as separate test in testproject.io dashboard.

Hello @wilderac08
Can you please send over your agent logs and the PDF report of the execution from the platform to support@testproject.io

Ok I have opened Support Center ticket and attached logs and PDF report. #922656

Hello @wilderac08 please try with agent 0.65.42

That fixed it! Thanks!