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Error while uploading published package


I am trying to upload the pubished(c# package) but I am getting error as ‘‘Direction’ property specified was not found’

I can see in cs files its used as –

[ParameterAttribute(Description = “Auto generated application URL parameter”, DefaultValue = “https://ssatbportaldev.azurewebsites.net”, Direction = ParameterDirection.Input)]

Hi vishal.
Is this generated code, or code you wrote? Is it possible to share with us the project files?

Its generated code …I just add one more line to test upload feature

Can you share the file you are trying to upload?

its publish folder containing multiple dlls and addons

Do you wan cs file which is causing issue?

I would like the file that you are trying to upload to the website

It would be difficult to upload complete publish folder…
can we have a zoom call?

Like we saw, if we change the SDK reference in the .csproj file and add Publish="false" then we can publish the code with no problems