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Error while trying to validate the file through CLI -java.io.FileNotFoundException: Package file was not be found in archive OvalEdge

Getting the belowError while trying to validate the ZIP file file through CLI that I have downloaded from TEST PROJECT.

java.io.FileNotFoundException: Package file was not be found in archive OvalEdge_-_Automation-TS-SMO-Login-UpdateAccount.zip

Running from the CLI for the first time any assitance would help.

I was able to validate the downloaded package using the following command,

testproject-agent validate <path\file-name>

Make sure to provide the full path of the file.

or use the command dir and make sure the CLI can see the file on the current directory.

testproject-agent validate <file-name>

Hi Amit,
I tried giving with the entire path and also the from the DIR . Bith cases it did not validate the file

Please send the zip package over to support@testproject.io
Also send us the logs of the agent, which can be found here:

Window: C:\Users\ { UserName} \AppData\Roaming\TestProject\Agent\logs

Hi Amit,

I was mentioning the code zip instead of the package zip file. It is working fine. Thank you for the quick response.