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Error while running test using testProject CLI

I downloaded test from TestProject and save it in my local. It is in zip format.
However when i run the following command from commandline, it is unable to find the file. Please suggest if anything needs to be corrected?

testproject-agent run MyTest.zip

"Processing execution…
Execution failed: Failed converting backup package to an Execution Package.
Check that your backup package is valid and try again.

?FileNotFoundException: Package file was not be found in archive C:\Users\en0aw4e\Documents\MyTest.zip

I am using latest cli agent 3.0. Thankyou

Hi Suparna,

Are you running the code zip file or the package zip file ??.

If you are running the code zip the package will be downloaded as well. Please check.

Hi Abhishek,
Thanks for your response.
This issue is resolved for me