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Error when trying to upload a coded test


I exported a test that I created using TestProject UI, changed it slightly (java), and wanted to upload it back to the TestProject but when creating coded test I received an error when trying to upload a jar file:
Please fix the following errors and reupload the package.
Errors (1): No code blocks discovered
There is also a warning: testproject-sdk.properties file was not found. Assuming SDK version 0.61.1

I used Gradle to create a jar file (as described here )

Does anyone have an idea what am I doing wrong?

Hello Igor,
Did you generate the code as OpenSDK or SDK1? currently only code in SDK1 format can be uploaded as coded test (support for OpenSDK will be added soon).
You can follow How to create jar file from Java project for the instructions on how to do this with SDK1. The article also shows how to avoid the warning on the testproject-sdk.properties file.

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Hi @guy.saban, I did generate the code as OpenSDK, so when I tried with SDK1 I was able to upload it back without problems.

Thank you!