Error: Selenium driver is incompatible with latest chrome version

Went to run my daily battery of tests and all of the test running in chrome errored out. Tests ran like usual in Firefox.

Error Message:

“Attention! The Selenium driver that exist in the TestProject Agent folder is missing, or outdated and incompatible with your browser version.
To fix the issue, please make sure that your Agent is registered and that you have an active internet connection.
If you are working OFFLINE or with a non-registered TestProject agent, you can update the Selenium driver manually by replacing it with a new version of the Selenium web driver in the agent’s folder.
You can find more details on how to do so in the following article:Unregistered/Offline Agent - TestProject Documentation

I attempted a fix by updating the browser, updating the test project agent, and finally the Selenium web drivers as suggested in the error message but no luck. Anyone else have this problem this morning?


same error since thursday

i also have that problem

Hello all, this issue will be fixed soon.

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Hi @kyle.holstein @Maksym @eckerle.isabell ,
We updated the drivers, and now it works well.

Have a good day,