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Error: Response from TestProject: 500 [requestId: ]

Hi Team,
Test Project jobs are integrated with TeamCity and have encountered an error in all the scheduled jobs.
Below is the error seen in the all the TeamCity builds where docker agent is perfectly all right(Up and running).

Could you please help?

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Hello @svamsikrishna532,

Thanks for the info. We will investigate ASAP and get back to you with an answer/fix.

Will be much awaiting!


Just for your info, we got the same issue in our Jenkins build:


Oh, okay! Hope will get a fix asap, as bundle of builds are failing with the same error.
And, for time being to proceed executing jobs with local agent.

Hi Team,
Any update on this?

I am glad to say that we’ve found the root cause and are fixing it. We will release the fix by the end of the week (sooner if possible).

Glad to hear and hope fix will be in place asap :+1:

Hello all,
The errors from the API on both Jenkins & Team City have been fixed,
If anyone is still encountering any issues please reach us at our support chat.


Great and thanks much for the quick fix :+1:

Hi Team,
I see error still persists and getting below error-

Are you still have this issue?
If so, please contact me via TestProject chat so we can schedule a zoom call.