[Error] Operation failed, Please try again in android device

Hi Team,

whenever i am connecting android device with the test project i am getting “Operation failed, Please try again” error message, it was working fine before, can you please help me with that.

Hi @fatema,
I want to express my apologies for the inconvenience you and all the users are experiencing.
We know how important it is for you to work with TestProject.
Our teams are working hard to solve this issue.
Once we finish moving our services to AWS, the platform should be faster and more stable.


Could you please let us know once it is fixed?


@fatema Please check if everything is working properly.

hi ,

Again I am facing the same problem.is it the problem from your side?

i am also facing same issue . is there any issue from server side?

@hur_2 @fatema
I contacted our teams.
Thank you for the information!

@hur_2 @fatema Please restart your agents and try again.
Let me know if it works now.

it’s working now, thanks.

@ran.ferdinaro yesterday it is working fine but now i am getting the same issue again .please check

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the same situation but for web application was yesterday and today as well


@ran.ferdinaro how much more we will wait ? please try to resolve the issue asap :cry:


Testproject team how much time it take more ? please do something for us :cry: @ran.ferdinaro @alex.ivanov

I can confirm the issues are still persistant, is there an ETA on AWS migration?

Seems to be working for me with android test atm.

Hi all @thomas.salisbury @CassiereJ @hur_2 @Artest @fatema
TestProject is working now.
Please try again.


I can confirm this is now working for me. thank you @ran.ferdinaro !

I am still facing the issue. For a brief time yesterday, it was up and running

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still facing the issue please resolve this @ran.ferdinaro

I’m still facing the issue, I have tried most recent 4 agent versions but still the same! - Please resolve ASAP.