End-to-End testing between 2 or more websites


I need to automate a test

  • executing actions from one website (generating data stored in database) and which continues with

  • reading out the generated data (picked from the database) in another website.

Would it be possible with testproject.io to declare 2 web applications and jump between them during test recording/execution?
At the same time, I would like to compare registered data on the first website, with the data displayed in the second one.

Thank you for feedback in advance

Hi Thomas,

You should be able to accomplish this by adding a step to visit the second website and back to the first and so forth. If you are reading data from a database or storing a value from the UI, you can store them in output test parameters and reference them in certain test actions that allow parameter usage :slight_smile:

As far as comparing data, you can do things like compare two strings from output parameters you stored throughout your test case. There is actually an add-on for that which you can take a look at here: String Utils Addon - TestProject Documentation

You can also create a condition in a test step to compare two parameter values and pass or fail the test step if it meets or doesn’t meet those conditions.

I hope this helps!