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Email notification

Hi guys,

I’m wondering how could I test email notification ( user receives an email after having made a purchase).
Thank you for your help :pray: :ok_hand: :blush:

Hi @jamal.charchaoui :slight_smile: ,

Can you please elaborate on your intention?
What are you trying to achieve?

Hi Alex
When a user makes a purchase on the website , he automatically receives an email that confirms the transaction.
I want to test this feature through TestProject.
Thank you for your help btw

Hi @jamal.charchaoui ,

Great, so you want to validate the email that confirms the transaction, please follow this guide on how to use the “Wait for element and text” addon.
If you don’t know what addon is, I will explain :slight_smile:
An Addon is a collection of coded Automation Actions you can use within any test to empower TestProject’s in-browser recorder and extend its built-in capabilities even further. Addons are stored in a collaborative library on TestProject’s platform. They are developed and shared by the entire community, and give you the power to effortlessly enhance your recorded tests while saving up valuable time, so basically TestProject can do it all and more :wink:

please follow this guide for a better understanding of how to use this addon:

Choose the element you want to assert(in your issue is the email that you want to validate), press double shift, and choose the desired validation for that element, if you want to verify a certain element contains text, you can do it by selecting the “Wait for element and text”

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thank you Alex@
That responded to my answer :muscle:t3:
Thanks again mate


Glad it helped you.
You are welcome :slight_smile: