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Email notification not working


Over the last couple of days, email notifications are not being triggered after job execution.
I have two accounts in TestProject with id as vijayanand@xxx.com and vijayanand+1@xxx.com.

An account with vijayanand@xxx.com is working but not vijayanand+1@xxx.com.

Hello @vijayanand
Please answer the following questions

  1. Can you tell me which mail server are you using?
  2. Your account may no longer support the +1 method?
  3. Did you try to send an email to this address (vijayanand+1@xxx.com)?

@kfir.yosef ,

We are using the "Gmail " server. Utilized email is vijayanand+1@codecraft.co.in.
If I were to tell you, one person with id as “sasi+2@codecraft.co.in” receives email , but others with or without prefix “+1” is not receiving email.

Looks like these emails are not reaching our server. We have not applied any filter either.

As we talked via chat we are investigating your case.

@kfir.yosef , any update?

Hi, sorry it takes time, since this is a private case I will update you via chat when I will have updates.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Hi @kfir.yosef , any update? Do you recommend any alternative?

Hey @vijayanand
We checked the issue from our side in recent days and we saw the notification was sent to those email account with no problem.
In addition, we checked if our other users from small and big companies were experiencing a similar problem and we did not find any similar reports.
Therefore in this case the conclusion is that there is a blockage in your mail service and we cannot fix this from our side.
As an alternative solution, you can open a new email account, attach it to your TestProject account and send the notification to it and from this account, you can set up forwarding to the other emails accounts.
I know this is not the best solution, but maybe it will help you to overcome the problem.

@kfir.yosef, Thanks for your time! Do you mind sharing logs that help us to understand the notification submitted? It helps us to debug further with the concerned team to check for any blockage in our domain server.

How do we set up forwarding to an email account in TestProject?

Fixed. Thanks for your time !