Email Address Update

Hi Support Team,

Is it possible to update the registered email address in your account?


Hi @iris.tanyag, and welcome to our community!
Are you the account owner? You can invite yourself with your other email address and switch that one to being Admin or owner. If you are not the account owner, you can ask the owner to send you an invite to the account to the new email address:

  1. go to account - > users → add your email address as a user under the account.
  2. Make the new email address account owner.
  3. You can use the context menu to remove the previous owner if you wish.

if there is already an existing account to the email can you still invite that email to be your team?

@iris.tanyag It is not possible to have the same email id under two accounts at the same time, one account must be deleted.

You can send an invitation as a partner in your account with a separate user, in such a situation if you add +1 before the @ he will receive the invitation to his email and can log in with the same address.

for example:
The invitation will be received on:

Then after clicking on the link the login to the account will be with

** Not every mail server supports this, Gmail does.

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