Element location falling over then working on new element with exact same attributes

I am having problems with one particular button in a Jira add on which I cant figure out how to locate reliably.
what is frustrating me is that the full xpath works in the locator
and if i create a new element or record and create a new element via the recording, it will work
while the old one in my test step, which has the EXACT same attributes will not work

so if i use the locator to look for xpath “/html/body/div[1]//section/div/div[1]/div[1]/button” and click evaluate, the button is highlighted

If I use the same xpath in the element attribute, it cannot find it
if i create a new element (for the same on screen element) it will work, and the attributes are exctly the same as for the one that is not working
so i am baffled

mean while the one that is working, will appear to be working, it will remain working through browser and machine restarts and on different days, then suddenly it will stop working, and the cycle repeats itself.

i am wondering if it is something to do wtih the iframe
and i also noticed if i highlight the parent path in the locator, it shows

here are a couple of screenshots, I was hoping someone might have some ideas.
i am on the latest version of the testproject agent and this problem has persevered through several updates of the test agent and occurs on linux and windows machines.

For everyone in the community who find it relevant:

The issue was solved using with this XPath and this iframe:

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