Element is clickable

There is a dropdown which gets disabled and enabled based on a checkbox in the application. If I check the checkbox then the dropdown gets disbaled and we cannot click on it and select a value.If I try to use the validation “is clickable”, the step passes whether the dropdown is enabled or disabled state.
If I try “is enabled” then also its the same case. Is there any better way of doing this. If the checkbox is checked the dropdown should be disabled I want to verify this.
i tried validation “is disabled” and I get this error
javascript error: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘hasAttribute’)

Hi @sravani,
Are you able to share a URL that reproduces such issue?
If you are not able to share an application URL that you are experiencing this issue on, please try the following:

  • Count the element (when it’s in enabled state)
  • Make sure to use a locator that indicates the element is in enabled state, for example //input[@enabled=“true”] or other relavent attributes you might have on the element.
  • Add validation on the output that the step could find 0 elements when the element is disabled.

Let me know if you managed :slight_smile:

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