Element in step is missing

The element in step #16 is missing or doesn’t match the defined locator. Don’t worry, TestProject AI is looking for another path forward. Hold tigh

Hi @shil .

This message is not an error message. It only says that the first locator you gave is not working to find the desired element so we are using other locators to try to find it.
If after that the step fails because the element was not found, you probably have to edit the locators to a better one.
To achieve that:

  1. First, try to edit the element like in the image below,


To check your locators use the magnifying glass
(notice the element must be present on the page when checking a locator):

If another locator is more consistent make it your primary locator, push it to the top with the arrows next to the magnifying glass.

  1. Check for a unique attribute and search the button by that locator,

you can make your custom locator like this for example:
using Xpath //*[@attribute="value"]

For instance, my locator for Amazon looks like this:
using Xpath //*[@id="add-to-cart-button"]

However, you can use TestProject built-in locator generator like this:

by pressing double shift on any element you can freeze it and then extract multiple XPath

Kind regards,

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