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Element explorer out of sync with webapp

Hello Testproject,

we are trying out testproject.io. It looks great, but we are experience a bug in the recorder.
When selecting some elements in the webapp, the DOM / element explorer gets out of sync and will create incorrect elements into the test actions.

We made a movie to illustrate this issue.
At the moment we click on “Automated tests” and on “TestModel1”, the recorder will incorrectly select the elements “Projects”. It looks like the element explorer is ‘out of date’ and not refreshed anymore.

Could this be fixed, because this way we are stuck in creating automated tests.
Maybe a refresh button on the element explorer could already be helpful?

Thank you in advance for your reaction!

Belgian regards, Kristof (Hysopt)

Hello @kristof
To further investigate this, we need two things:

  1. Please do those steps again like in the video but open F12, and be on network, then do all those steps.
    Afterwards please right click inside the network tab and do save all as HAR content, and upload that
    HAR here.
  2. Send us your agent logs.

You are also invited to reach out to us in the chat to make this quicker.

Best Regards, Ran.

Hi @ran.tzur

I performed the steps you requested. Is there a “secure” way I can upload the logs because they contain sensitive information.

Best Regards

You can send them over to support@testproject.io

I’ve send them by mail.

Hi @ran.tzur,
Did you receive the loggings from my colleague, and were you already able to get some insights?
Thanks in advance!
Best regards, Kristof

Hi @kristof
Yes I did get them and have opened a bug on this issue.
I will update you when as soon as I have new information.

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Hello @ran.tzur

Do you have an update on our issue?

Thanks! Regards, Christophe

Hello @christophe
No update yet but the R&D team are on it.
It is possible more information will be required and we will contact you on that.

Hello Ran, any update yet? we are testing multiple UI testing tools and analyzing which one suit our needs the best. TestProject seems very interesting & promising, but this is a blocking issue. Nevertheless we need to move on and make a choice, so it would be nice to get a view on if and when this issue will be fixed (or not). Thanks in advance! Best regards, Kristof

Hello @kristof thanks for the follow-up , we just released a new recorder with better capabilities of working on complex elements and layouts including iframes, multi tabs, dynamic elements , etc.

I recommend you to try using the new recorder to see if it improves your experience.
Later this month we are releasing even more powerful features to the new recorder such as: self healing feature that will be available for FREE for everyone and new element explorer.

Hello Ran,
We freezed our experiments for a while, but we are now thinking of picking it up again. I was therefor wondering if the new features you were talking about are already released yet?
Best regards, Kristof