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Timeout occurred after 15000ms, trying to perform a click: Element state is invalid (obscured by another element or invisible): ElementClickInterceptedException: element click intercepted: Element … is not clickable at point (987, 592). Other element would receive the click:

Hi @abdulwadoodaziz,

You are getting this message because you are trying to interact with an element that is obscured by another element. The click you are trying to perform on this element is actually performed on another element.

What platform are you testing on? Web, Android or iOS?

Hi @amit.yahav im getting the same exception
im trying it with recorder in web

Hi @shabana.sarithala,

Can you please elaborate? What platform are you testing?

Hi @amit.yahav
When im executing the step individually it is working.how to deal with this issue.
And the iframe too i have added addon but it is not showing the switch to iframe action

Hi @amit.yahav
Mine is a web project trying to execute in chrome browser

You can find the switch to iframe action when creating a new step, create an element action, pick an element and then you can select an action, you can search for the action in the search bar. Another ways is that you can hover with the mouse over the element you want to switch to it’s iframe, you’ll see a small menu, from there click on the three dots, then actions, then find the the switch to iframe action.

Regarding the second issue, please try adding a pause step before the click action or using the click if visible action with a decent timeout to wait for the element.

hi i have problem on Timeout occurred after 15000ms, trying to perform a click: Element was not found platform web and chrome browser

Hello @a.naidu76, thanks for reaching out.
This probably happens as the website generates dynamic Xpath and changes between each session that is created.
Please read the following article on how to handle dynamic elements:

If you need any further help just let me know.
Best Regards, Ran.