Electron app to be tested... via TestProject?

Hi all,
we’re preparing app which is based on Electron (https://www.electronjs.org/). As we’re currently having all suites of UI tests in TestProject, I was looking at possibility to test our new product vie TP as well. But did not find anything about that…?

  • Is it possible to test electron app via TP? (I know that we can test web app which is then “put” into electron, but would like to test it as a whole/1 product)
  • if so: how to connect the app?
  • if not: is there any plan to enable such possibility?

Thanks a lot for thoughts / answers.


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TestProject is based on appium and selenium servers, as long as your application can be automate using one of those, you can use TestProject to automate your tests as well, as long it falls under one of the following categories: Web, Mobile, API.
From the information I gathered here it seems like there is no restriction. (assuming you indend it for web applications)

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