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Dynamic new DIV issue

Hi , I’m currently trying to create automation on trading based on signals from a third-party website( Free Binary Options Signals - Best Binary Options Signals ) , signals every 15 mins,

when I tried doing this , there is an issue , in the site signals come very randomly (when there is possibility of trade) and some times they give “1” signal , sometimes “2” signals at a time , sometimes “3 signals” at a time , and sometimes "1 signal once and 2 signals next , so these things are like so so random , so how to create a system where it detects new signal and goes to tab 2(another window) places and comes back , wait for another new signal and won’t do the task that did before again(previous trade) Please help me out with the logics and give me point’s to implement this successfully ( Web , smart recorder , windows 10 , chrome) Thank you!

Hello, since this requires waiting for events to occur, and the very random nature of these events, I suggest writing a coded test using one of our many SDKs.
We offer 3 SDKs at the moment, C#, Java, and Python.
With the one you select you can start making a coded test for these scenarios and still enjoy the reports and integration from the TestProject platform.

You can view the SDKs from our integration page: TestProject

C#: GitHub - testproject-io/csharp-sdk: C# OpenSDK

Java: GitHub - testproject-io/java-sdk: TestProject Java SDK

Python: GitHub - testproject-io/python-sdk: TestProject Python SDK