Dynamic locators paramters break after paramter name changes

Hi all, so I have created several elements depending from a test parameter “X”( e.g //div[@id=’{testparamX}’]), I’ve added some of these elements in Test Case A. I copied Test Case A and Re-Name it → Test Case B, while adding steps on Test Case B I decided to change the Test Parameter “testparamX” name to “testparamY”, this action also conveniently changes all my dynamic locators from previously created steps that depends on that test parameter name. The problem arises when I ran Test Case A and notice all dynamic locators are changed to (“testparamY”) but the Test Parameter field name (on test parameter tab) from Test Case A had still the previous name (“testparamX”), causing a failure on execution.

So given the above statement is true we have possible solutions:

  • I think that the modification of Test parameters (name) even if they are setup on elements should be updated only within the Test Case scope.

  • System should not update elements locators if you update the test parameter name.

  • Show some kind of warning message before changing parameters name that are used on element locators.

what other solutions you suggest ? I now need to change several elements locators that would be really problematic if I had 100 elements or tens of test using a test parameter that is changed by mistake.

Hi @mdeleon,
Elements are not related to the test but to applications.
This is why changing element locators will change it in all the tests using this application.
I will let you know if these suggestions are added to the roadmap.

Please try to change your parameter back to the old name.
Then, create new elements for the changed test-case.