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Dropbox for "File Upload" addon

Is it possible, to add function to upload file from drop box into addon? I’m running tests with docker agents and in some tests, I need to upload files and images to my web application, but agent cannot see my local file system and get file from there.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @jurijs.bekajevs.

The Agent container and Chrome container are separated.

To run a test which contains any File Upload action on a Docker container,
you should map the volumes of both the Agent container and Chrome container to the same directory.

This way, both the Agent and Chrome containers will have access to the file you want to upload.

The path field should be like this if required by the action:

Dropbox upload should find the file path by itself and successfully upload the file if the containers are connected.


Thank you, I’ll show this to our DevOps Engineer, so he could solve the problem :slight_smile: