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Drop down being double clicked when single click

I have a few tests that require I click and open revealing a bunch of links.
For some reason when I run the test using Chrome Headless (set up on a docker agent) it seems to double click the drop-down arrow, causing it to open then close again, which either causes the test to eventually fail (can’t find next step (link to click)) due to time out. Or sometimes TP will auto fix but this causes the test to double in run time, and again it is not consistent. Could someone help here?

I have tried extending wait time, putting in a page refresh before. I tried a recovery test (is see-more-categories visible). etc I just can’t understand why it is double-clicking.

below are screenshots of what it is clicking


Please let me know if you need more information. I have been at this for about a week now.

Just tried again, it works fine, on desktop agent both Chrome and Chrome headless, but when I run through docker headless takes a really long time and sometimes causes the agent to then crash

I think I may have figured it out. I added an Adaptive Wait of “very patient” to the step that clicks to open the links and so far it appears to have helped. I think it was clicking to open before the page was fully loaded, when the page fully loaded it closed the links again, it made it appear as if it was clicking twice.