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driver.resetApp() on iOS not working

Hello TestProject community,

Agent: Newest Version (don’t know the current version)
Device: iPhone 6s
Device Version: iOS 13.6
OS: Windows 10 v1909
I work with IntelliJ (Java) and the TestProject SDK

I am currently working on a test automation of the in-house app. For this I would like to “reset” the app before every start. So, delete all user data and clear the cache, so to speak.

When I do the test run with the AndroidDriver, the reset works perfectly and the app is in a state as if it had been newly installed. When I do the same with the iOSDriver, the app starts and is in the same state as if I had just closed the app and restarted it.

I already used it with the MobileCapabilityType.FULL_RESET and set it to true and that didn’t work either. No error comes with this step either. It does the step “successfully” but still does not reset the iOS device.
Also the reset via the recorder does not work. On the Internet it has supposedly worked for some but I do not know what I’m doing wrong.

If anything should be missing I will add it as soon as asked :slight_smile:

I thank you once in advance