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Drag and drop function

Is it possible to somehow record, program or replicate (to test) a drag and drop function?

Hi @zivi.artorg,

You can check out our drag and drop action from this addon: https://app.testproject.io/#/addons/community?a=Pc5arX-ClUCFkcuhm-r25A

Kind regards,

I’m working with a web application.

We are currently working on such addon that will allow you to do that in web tests.

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Hello @amit.yahav , Sorry to bump an old thread but has there been any progress on this? I’m also looking at ways to drag and drop an element.

Hi @stuarttrombley,

This action already available :wink:
Search for “Angular drag and drop”.

Thank you for your response @amit.yahav . I was hoping you would have another answer as I’ve been trying to make that add-on work for me with no luck.

Any chance you can share the URL of this website? I’ll have a look at it and see if I can come up with a solution

Unfortunately this website is not available publicly.

Perhaps a screenshot of this element in the Chrome dev tools and the element in the page itself, will be enough.

The first image is the element I want to drag, the second is where I want to drag it to.

Hi Stuart. I will try to developer different drag & drop action and once it will be done i will contact you by the Email so we can test this on your web application and publish for entire comunity

Thank you very much.