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Download/Upload the whole project


Is there a feature to download whole project which has tests created with a recorder or has tests which are coded. It would be necessary that there may be a situation where the test steps/ test cases created as part of the project are to be shared with people who are not part of the project.

As of now i did not see that feature, but it would be good to have in future.

Also, as of now there is limit on the the size of the coded test being uploaded(50 mb). The limit needs to be increased as the tests may be having many external files (json, xml, excel, etc) which would be more that 50mb. This does not allow the tests to be uploaded causing the test to be maintained in separate git repo which is an overhead.

Thanks and regards,

Hello Karthik,
Thanks for sharing this with us,
Currently, it’s not possible to share a full project,
We have an ongoing task with this issue number: [TP-9379] To add this option.
to share multiple tests at once until this option will be available please follow this article:

Regarding the 50MB limit, we are also working on it and once it’s updated I will post a reply here,
This is the issue number: [TP-14879]